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Occupational Therapy Services

Children are wonderfully unique, gifted and have various developmental needs and abilities. Pediatric Occupational Therapists assist children with varying abilities by providing support both to them and their caregivers. It is an occupational therapist's job to assess how independently children can engage in the world around them and then provide recommendations on how to continue to foster that independence across different settings. 

Services Offered


I have been working with children with varying abilities for approximately 20 years. I have worked as a camp leader with the Canadian Mental Health Association, as an educational assistant, and as a therapist running goal oriented summer camps. For over 10 years, I have been an occupational therapist working with preschool and school-aged children within an educational setting as well as supporting children in their home environments. My focus has been supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety, and various other neurodiversities. Using a fun, motivating, and engaging approach, I work directly with the child, his/her family, and team (Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Medical Personnel) to accomplish their goals in the areas of: 

  • Sensory Processing and Self Regulation

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Play and Adaptive Skills

  • Visual Motor and Visual Perceptual Skills

  • Self Help Skills

  • Social-Emotional Skills

  • Executive Functioning Skills

  • Feeding or Picky Eating

  • Assistive Technology

  • Home Modifications

Woven Blessings Provides Services:

  • In-home

  • Virtually

  • In the clinic

  • Through FSCD and children who are PUF funded

  • To daycares, preschools, and schools

  • To members of the community via workshops and presentations

Woven Blessings Will Also:


* Complete various fine motor, visual motor, self-help, executive functioning, and sensory assessments

* Provide direct one on one therapy to the child


* Plan and facilitate group therapy programs

**NEW** Create an individualized 6-8 week intensive printing program

**NEW** Offer an integrated listening program to clients who fit the criteria

*Consult to daycares, preschools, schools, and community programs

* Provide professional development to groups and organizations

* Support children with children's services, FSCD and PUF funding

* Perform functional feeding assessments in collaboration with Speech-Language Pathologists

* Assess functional strength, visual-motor coordination, and workstation positioning to support participation in home and school activities 

Develop individualized sensory-based routine programs to support regulation, focus, and attention. Programs are customized to the child’s physical and cognitive level, including training and education for caregivers to assist in supporting the child


* Collaborate with physical therapists to perform an equipment review, environmental accessibility assessments, wheelchair, and seating assessments, equipment trial, and ordering through vendors and AADL

* Advocate on the client’s behalf using written or verbal communication for support or funding requests


* Provide a variety of resources and handouts to support programming

* Provide behavioral support in collaboration with behavioral interventionists. 

Professionally Licensed #3607

Additional Courses & Training


  • Smart But Scattered: Helping Children and Adolescents with Executive Dysfunction at Home and at School

  • Integrated Listening Systems (iLS) training- The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Certification and Remote SSP Facilitation Certification

  • Anxiety Management in Children - Practical Strategies

  • The Get Permission Approach to Sensory Mealtime Challenges                                    

  • O&M Basic School Skills for the Visually Impaired                                             

  • The Role of Sensory Processing in Learning, Behavior, and Activities of Daily Life

  • Clinical Assessment and Practical Interventions for Praxis Using Sensory Integration Theory

  • Putting LAMP to Work: AAC Strategies for Promoting the Development of Communication for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders                    

  • Handwriting Without Tears                                                                   

  • Yoga for Kids                                                                                        

  • Picky Eaters Versus Problem Feeders - The Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding

  • YouCanRide 2 - adapted bikes and bike riding skills

  • Cutting Edge Strategies to Improve Executive Function Skills                                      

  • Becoming a Behavioral Detective: Understanding and Supporting Complex Behavior

  • Interoception: The 8th Sense                                                                   

  • Critical Response Training

  • Mealtime Miseries: Management of Complex Feeding Issues

  • Advanced SCERTS Training

  • Current Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) Authorizer

  • Current Member of the Alberta OT Pediatric Interest Group 


Current Memberships:

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Aids To Daily Living

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