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Our Story

Our mission at Woven Blessings is to help people blossom to their full potential using a loving, nurturing, and engaging approach. We believe in the power of connection while weaving together families, professionals and communities. We wholeheartedly believe in serving families of our community and beyond any way that we can. 

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Kid Playing with Bubble

Our Philosophy

Woven Blessings:

  • Believes in honoring individual needs.

  • Loves therapeutically engaging children while using a play-based approach.

  • Provides unconditional physical and emotional support to laboring women

  • Values collaboration with other professionals for the best possible outcome for the client.

  • Promises to help clients develop and use the necessary skills to succeed  in their environment. 

  • Promotes a client-centered and creative approach to guide interactions and therapy.

Working Together to Achieve Greatness:

Weaving together children, families, professionals and community members

Happy Children

Maternal and Pediatric Therapy Services

Weaving Together Our Team: Your journey will start with having a member of our team complete an initial consultation to get to know you and/or your child and chat about a plan to move forward together. If other professionals (Occupational Therapist, SpeechTherapist, Physical Therapist, Behaviour Coach, Dietitian) are required to coach or support you or your child at any point on the journey, we will bring them on board.

Collaborating With Woven Blessings

We specialize in catering to children of all ages, ensuring a diverse and inclusive experience. We offer a range of programs, including:

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Preschool, Daycare &
School Visits



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