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Online Child Development Educational Workshops In Collaboration With Me2Be 


Each workshop is government approved through the Alberta Child Care Funding Program and designed to include research-based information, group discussion, and use of videos for teaching specific strategies.


The workshops are brought to you by two community-based Occupational Therapists, Nicole Kluthe (owner of Woven Blessings) and Caley McElwain (owner of Me2Be Pediatric Wellness Services). These workshops were designed for staff of Early Childhood Centers, Schools, Daycares, Preschools & Dayhomes.


Nicole and Caley believe strongly in inclusion and meaningful participation for all! They enjoy sharing their love for learning and passion for working with children by educating and working alongside other adult-learners in the area of pediatrics. Combined they have 20 years of experience working with both children and adults with neurodiverse brains, developmental delays, social/emotional challenges, sensory processing challenges, and physical disabilities.

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Upcoming Workshops

Looking Beyond Behavior:

Regulation, Routines & Relationships

Nurturing Social-Emotional


Motor Development For 

Early Learners

Supporting Independence For All:

Tackling Self-Help Skills

In Young Children

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