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Testimonials From Occupational Therapy Clients:

"She is hard working and puts her heart and soul into all the work she does. She has helpful tools and strategies that she gives each child with a special positive energy that they look forward to each visit.
I highly recommend Nicole for your little ones if they need she is the best OT I’ve come across so far" ~ D.O.

"As a teacher myself, I can honestly say Nicole brought with her strategies and suggestions that I had not come across in my 13 years of teaching on how to best support him. It is almost a year later now, and my son has progressed immensely because of her help. I highly value and recommend Nicole’s services as an Occupational Therapist". ~ L.W.

Testimonials From Doula Clients:

"She was polite and professional. She kept calm during all the twists and turns. She answered my questions without overstepping the doctors" ~ E.R.

"Our experience with Nicole as our doula was life changing. She stepped up and offered comfort every time we needed her. She is kind-hearted, quick to respond, encouraging and thoughtful. She goes above and beyond without prompt" ~ J.R.

"Nicole seemed intuitive in respect to the family's needs and wishes. Helpful with whatever task at hand or asked of her. Easy to work with". ~C.H. Midwife

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